The Named

I found this series of books on my boyfriends bookshelf and decided to give them a go.

Book 1

This is the first book. I finished it today.

It is written from the point of view of the two main characters. Ethan and Isabel. Ethan is 16 and had know he was named and about the world of time since he was 4. Isabel is 15 and  the sister of his old best friend. She is just coming to understand she is not as normal as she thought. The story takes you through how their lives become intwined and soon full of danger. Isabel has to become use to a new world where she isn’t allowed to do things all by herself and Ethan has to deal with some of the pain from his past and a teacher who seems to have a hatred for him.
They have to forfill their duty to make sure time happens as it is suppose to. This is because their is a powerful immortal, known as the Goddess of Chaos, trying to rewrite things to gain ultimate power.  In doing so however they discover there are other things that also need to be dealt with. This leads to the the other named characters come into the story that you would not have expected and an ending that put them all in danger for the start of the second book.


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